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  • Request Temporary Officer Status

    First and foremost this is a temporary position and your
    status in-game is subject to change any time and may come without notice.

    As an officer, you'll be promoting and recruiting for Azure Twilight in the Channel Chat Group and Server Chat Group (loyalty shop megaphones) with the message provided, simply copy and paste to the chat window.

    Azure Twilight is growing in BDO; we are a gaming community, based on respect and focused on leveling to 55+. Any Level, Node War, Whales, Guild Schedule, Forums & More. Teamspeak is required.

    When Recruiting:
    • Do not spam any channel with our promotional messages; wait between 10 and 15 minutes before posting another message in the same channel, or if the chat is active and scrolling dozens of lines of text in minutes, more of our promotions may go out.
    • Do not engage arguments or trolling.
    • Answer simple questions in chat that are directed toward Azure Twilight.
    • Check the guild roster for any other online recruiting officers and coordinate with them by covering multiple server channels.
    • Recruit players without guilds through the Recruit Guild Member button in the guild interface.
    Frequently Asked Questions:
    • What are the requirements?
      Reviewing the outfit rules found on the front page of our website
      Register an account to our forums, activate the email that's usually sent to spam box, post in requesting access
      Teamspeak 3
      4,000 accumulated activity every two weeks
    • What are the goals of the guild and its members?
      Level 55
      +15 gear
      Combined AP/DP equal to 200
      World bosses, Field bosses, Guild bosses
      Guild daily missions
      Node war and Siege war participation
    • How many members are active?
      This is dynamic and up to the leadership to keep close track of
      Currently 15 - 20 active during prime time (7:00 pm / 19:00 EST)
    Guild Events:
    Officers may organize and initiate guild missions daily.
    • Guild Missions
      Guild missions require at least three members online in order to be accepted
      5 Guild missions are reset daily
    • Guild Scroll Groups / Boss Scroll
      Monday will be when we organize groups to finish daily scrolls
      Scrolls have a 7 day duration, 3 day duration for guild scrolls, should be accumulated and shared with the group to maximize loot
      Boss scrolls will also take place Mondays and require at least two groups.
    • Node Warfare / Siege Warfare

      To be determined
    ​Member Removal:
    • 7 Days of inactivity risk removal unless advanced notice is provided.
    • Members are only to be removed by officers when the space is needed, starting with the most inactive members.
    • If an individuals behavior becomes issue, a detailed private message can be sent to leadership on the forums.
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    I would like to sign up for this.


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      I would also like to sign up for this.


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        I'd also like to give this a shot


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          I would also like to sign up for this position.


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            I would like to sign up for this.


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              Topic has been reopened.