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We have a guild poll going on right now.

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  • We have a guild poll going on right now.

    I have created this poll to get feedback from the guild for more information on where the majority of personnel would like the next set of guild points to be spent. After the poll has been filled out by all, or close enough for comfort, the results will then be used for the guild. After this has been completed, the next guild poll will include all of the same options, excluding where the last points were spent, and probably exclude Gathering as well, for it is too expensive to go to +2 guild gathering when those points could be used elsewhere.

    Please either click the link below or copy/paste it into your web browser to make your vote count.

    Post Scriptum: If you have additional concerns, ideas, or questions, please post them in a reply or ask me directly in-game or on TeamSpeak 3.

    Very Respectfully, Velbiur

    NOTICE: This event has ended, thank you for you participation.
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