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Bug: Unread posts icon

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  • Bug: Unread posts icon

    I think someone mentioned this in the past, but I can't find it anymore.
    The icon on the left should indicate if there are any unread posts in a section. If so, it is blue, otherwise it is grey.
    Unfortunately, it is not working correctly. Sometimes it gets blue even if there is nothing new to read. Marking all topics read does not solve the problem.
    Not a big issue, but a slight annoyance....

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    Seeing this a but I got a feeling something was posted but either removed, or hidden. Kind of why I made that post in command sub forum.


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      That's a lot of sections that have something removed or hidden. Nearly every section behaves that way now!


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        This is something that I have not been finding answers for, and in fact very few questions even asked, online. (for our version of vBulletin) Hopefully when we update the software, it will fix. There is no "option" in the standard control panel for the icons, so will need khunei or hello to go digging in the actual code to see if something was messed up when we migrated servers.