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  • Remove topics?

    So we were hit by some spam...
    I wanted to delete the spam topics, but alas I could not.
    I believe I do have moderator rights, or?

    The only option I see is "unaprove topics", but when I try that I am first asked for a password, followed by an "Invalid server response. Please try again."

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    I need to see where we left off with the moderators and powers. We ran into an issue early on where people were seeing some stuff they weren't suppose to be seeing.

    Regardless, you will only have moderator power over the PS2 forums, so the spam in the main visitor center will still be inaccessible to you. Best bet is to flag anything that hasn't been caught yet.

    We also made some changes that will hopefully limit the number of spammers. Next step is a verification process that requires knowledge of the outfit (like officer names from before) but we are hoping to not have to do that.


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      More spam to be removed. I get notified about it, but can do nothing about it.


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        Snipe if that extra step is taken to do verification then it might be best to remove the understanding the CoC part of the rotating news banner.