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    i have been thinking of getting a new computer. can someone please give me a review of the new AMD ryzen chip once they have had first hand experience with it and planetside


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    Well, it's a beast. My 1700X will hold 50 FPS in worst case scenarios (overwatch of a fight, inside a grind fest biolab) but averages about 90 fps with my GTX 970. That's using stock clocks, no OC.

    The performance difference between my FX-8350 is clear. The game simply feels smoother, and I noticed that once I got used to it I was playing better with a higher HSR.

    It was also very easy to overclock. I put in a manual voltage of 1.35v and a clock of 3.8GHz and that was it. Some will say 3.8GHz isn't a lot, but they also aren't using an 8 core chip (plus I could go higher if I wanted to).

    Lastly, in terms of workload, this thing is nuts. The typical process of closing background apps to offload the CPU is completely unnecessary now. With the 16 threads, I can confidently keep all my background apps open, and if you do any multimedia editing or folding at home you'll be very surprised.

    PS: I know that there have been memory conflicts with Ryzen. My Asus C6H JUST got a BIOS that enables 3200MHz on my 2x8Gb sticks. If you want to run four sticks of RAM, you're pretty much stuck at 2666MHz.