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Plugging in wireless mouse soft-locked the computer.

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  • Plugging in wireless mouse soft-locked the computer.

    I was in R&D, messing around with the new (to me) crafting system. The mouse I was using before has a messed up scroll wheel, so I went to plug in my wireless mouse I use for my laptop. It's a Logitech M560, and I've never used it with the computer before, if that means anything.

    I plugged the mouse in, moved it around to check if it was working, and it was. The stream window thing was open, so I closed it. I picked up a static delivery cannon to put it in the SCU, and suddenly everything stopped working.

    The game was still running, since I could see the resources spinning around. My wireless mouse wouldn't work, no buttons, no movement, no scroll wheel. The mouse I had plugged in didn't work either, nor did my keyboard. I couldn't even toggle off num lock. I tried plugging the mouse adapter in and out, still nothing. Tried ctrl-alt-delete, alt-F4, nothing happened. Since I had no way to close the game without a keyboard or mouse, I had to reboot the system via the power button. Even that didn't shut it down, so had to force it off by holding the button down?

    Any idea?

    Please help.

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