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Joining Azure Twilight - Gaining Access

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  • Joining Azure Twilight - Gaining Access

    Welcome to the Azure Twilight forums.

    Thanks for taking the time to complete the sign-up. If you are looking for access please create a new topic in this forum, let us know what gaming division(s) you're wanting to join and we'll get you squared away. If you are a friend or ally of AT - Then fear not, you can also request access/ ask for assistance in here. If you require any assistance or help please feel free to message; myself, a member of the Council, a GM of the game you wish to join or our Tech-Team. (We don't bite... Much)

    A few rules to note about these forums:
    • Please be respectful at all times - No personal insults, no flame wars
    • Please do not derail threads - This makes the bums of the mods twitch and they lock topics as a result
    • Please do not spam multiple topics on the same subject
    • Please do not advertise anything illegal (torrents fall under this)
    • Please do not try to provoke the Dargo (he's grumpy!) -ok that last one is a joke, but still you get the jist!-

    Be sure to connect with AT on all your favorite social media:

    Have you liked our Facebook page?
    Are you following us on Twitter?
    What about Steam?
    Seen any good videos lately? and

    OK, That's enough websurfing... Hop onto our TS 3 server - - Hang out, play games, have fun and kick some ass - Whether it's Auraxis or Aelion we'll see you there!


    Kytten ^_^