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  • Azure Twilight's Server Info

    Azure Twilight is currently running a dedicated ARK server. As long as players are still using it, we will do our best to keep it up and updated.

    Server Name: AzureTwilight
    Server Password: papavanu

    There are three methods of joining server:

    1) Use WinKey + R to open your Windows Run Command. Copy and paste the following: steam://connect/ Hit Enter
    2) Open your Steam client. At the top, select View then Servers. Sort by ARK: Survival Evolved servers. Wait for list to refresh fully. Sort alphabetically and look for Azure Twilight

    3) Can try to find the server in-game by sorting by Unofficial and alphabetically. For most, it seems you need to join the server once in order for it to pop up in that list in the future. Once you create a character, you can always search by servers with your characters on it.
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    IP address changed cause we transferred ownership to myself. OP is up-to-date as of 15 Dec 2015, as well s the channel description in TS.


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