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  • ID sharing topic + overview of playstyle

    Hiya, you can find me on with Baulrog #1284. Yes, as in the demonic fire thing from Lord of the Rings. My dad stole my account for a few days and used the one free name change.

    I'm level 40 in Heroes, but I haven't played a single match in Hero League yet.

    My go to characters right now are Li Li, focusing on healing support, Raynor, focusing on attack damage, and Sgt. Hammer, focusing on ranged damage increases. I'm really looking forward to Lt. Morales for her self healing passive and her Concussion grenade.

    Post below in the same general format, that is:


    Level and match preferences

    Characters and playstyle
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    ID: ArdatYakshi#2989

    Level: I don't remember :P Probably around 20.

    Characters: I was trying to unlock level 5 of all during free rotation. There are few that I unlocked permanently. That would be Stitches, Asmodan, Sgt. Hammer. I think I did unlock Brightwing - if not, I will soon.

    But I stopped playing about a month ago. However, if some of AT were looking for a match, I would be happy to join!


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